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Earth Month Campaign

Campaign Overview

A campaign centered around the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Campaign strategy included weekly themes, iconography, social posts and a featured event. Exploration of artistic color and design were used to bring in the natural theme of the campaign.


Weekly themes

Each week of the campaign focused on a specific elemental topic including air, water and earth with the final week highlighting the 50th anniversary. During each week there was a consistent focus on introduction, elemental facts and a top 10 series.



Compass Real Estate





Equated to nearly 6% of all company social downloads within the month of April with over 2k agent downloads.


Air Week


Light and carefree – my inspiration for ‘Air Week’ derived from the movement and lightness that is present when thinking of air. The linear aspects within both the icon and the design showcase the ‘movement’ of the element as components such as strong winds or flight. The soft color palette providing a light presence within the design contrasted by the shadowed clouds. 

Water Week


Depth and fluidity – my inspiration for ‘Water Week’ derived from the depth of water. The circle visuals correlated with the fluid movement and show the integration between the designs and content. The dark colors reflect the variation of depth and the contrast with reflections seen in water.

Earth Week


Growth and progression – my inspiration for ‘earth week’ derives from the growth that you see within the earth primarily within plants. I focused the shape on an inverted triangle to showcase an upward progression and highlighted the bright variations of green for the healthy nature of foliage.