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Heather Hannay

Based out of Seattle, Washington, I am a diverse graphic designer with 10+ years in the industry. Within the last seven years I have worked fulltime within the real estate and construction industries with much of my work focusing on long print layout, web design, digital/social as well as marketing strategy.

I have always known in my life I was meant to be in the creative field although with my consistent ambitions for continuing education and self-growth has made my focus and skills has greatly expanded over the years beyond just design to include skillsets such as coding and animation.

Beyond my career, I am enjoying living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our furchild, Payton. During the summer you can find us out hiking the trails and boarding in the winter. I love to travel and experience new things and see the world differently. 


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Heather is an amazing graphic artist! She has done wonderful work for me and my company. Can’t say enough about her and her work!

– Michelle

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