Heather Hannay Designs | About
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Heather Hannay

WHERE I AM FROM  I grew up in a small town north of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where our pride and glory was our football team and our Start of Summer festival. After graduating high school, I spent a little over a year living in Chicago. I finished college with a Bachelors of Art in Art and Design and in 2014, I married my highschool sweetheart and we moved to Miami, Florida, where we lived until the summer of 2017. We drove across the country – literally – and have finally settled in our new home –  Seattle, Washington.


WHERE DID I START In 2010 while I was living in Chicago, I was provided with the opportunity to establish my own freelance graphic design business and have been working on a wide variety of projects for clients ever since. I have been an official freelance graphic designer since Chicago but have been working on projects since I was in high school.


WHAT DO I KNOW As a teenager, I taught myself  the basics of coding including HTML and countless hex codes by altering designs and layouts for Xanga. In high school, I took a course that secured my future in digital arts and graphic design that covered Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. Throughout college, I worked in photography, and embraced my talent in graphic design, while teaching myself web design. I have tried nearly everything over time, whether it be video, photography, metals, installations, graphics and web design, plus so much more.  


Feel free to take a look at my portfolio here