Project Spotlight: Michigan Wedding Invitation | Heather Hannay Designs
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Project Spotlight: Michigan Wedding Invitation

The wedding industry is such a huge industry and there are so many exciting aspects of it! I love the beauty and intimacy that comes out at weddings through the finer details. Maybe it is one of those things that you don’t realize until you are on the other end of it but I really appreciate all of the work that goes into the event. The other year one of my bests friends was getting married and I was honored with doing their wedding invitations.

If you haven’t already seen I am from Michigan and there is this thing about Michiganders and if your from the midwest especially Michigan you will understand me. Us Michiganders have some extreme pride in our state, we love the mitten, through and through. Of course, when my friend told me about her wedding…her theme you ask? Of course..Michigan!
It was outstanding, we were going to incorporate everything Michigan down to the illustrations!

The front of the invitation we featured on the obvious details and having the main illustration being the state of Michigan.

On the back of the invitation, we included an illustration of a tradition pine tree and a map as well as a small illustration of the building location.invitation_michigan

Lastly for the accommodation card we again added pine trees as well as the information for guests.invitation_michigan
The results were stunning and turned out beautifully.

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