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Favorite Finds: Desktop Backgrounds

Guess what! I have some awesome finds for you. I will get to that in a moment though. So I recently traveled back to Michigan for the first time in a while and I think it was the first time that I had seen snow in over three years. Crazy. It is so funny how you get so acclimated to your surroundings, I tried one my winter coat before I left and man I think that was one of the strangest parts! It felt so weird putting on so much bulk.

Back to sunny Miami for me now. So one thing that I love to have for my work computer is a stockpile of awesome desktop backgrounds. Im am very opposite for my personal computer I normally have one background and swap it out every few months. For my day job though I have a rotation of who knows how many that change every hour I believe. Maybe it is because I am rigorous in the same routine so I like to mix things up frequently.

These are some of my favorite finds for my ongoing search for amazing desktop backgrounds


One of my all time favorite go-too’s for backgrounds for work is “Dress Your Tech” by Design Love Fest. Her ongoing series consistently brings new backgrounds to light and never fails to disappoint!


The Fox is Black Collection showcases numerous artists available for your desktop! A project that started in 2008 focuses on individual artwork and showcases the work for desktop wallpapers everywhere.


I hope your hunt for a vibrant desktop goes well, my search is a never ending one.

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