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Tool Tip: Program overview

So this is not necessarily a tool tip, but there are many people who always ask what program is best to do xyz in. So this will be more of an overview of what program to use and when.

Over the years I have jumped from being emerged in one program from another. When I first started out I used photoshop. Well actually in high school I used a combination of photoshop, flash and dreamweaver, but as time went on i stuck playing in photoshop. I then began to explore Illustrator and then finally InDesign. Each time I explored a new program I was slightly frustrated because it didn’t have the features that I fell in love with of the other programs.

I later became adjusted to the fact that these programs are not supposed to have all of the featured that you love in each individual one because they each serve a different purpose.

For example throughout my daily work, I use InDesign a large portion of the time and originally I became frustrated with the lack of photo adjustments that I was able to do. The thing with InDesign it is a program for layouts and designing of print work. I currently bounce back and forth between the two programs a lot. If I need to adjust a photo or graphic I jump into photoshop and then back into InDesign, etc.


If you are looking to create any sort of print material whether it be a book, a brochure, flyer, etc. The easiest way to do so is within InDesign. The easy layout features and manageable positioning of your graphics and text makes your project all that more efficient.


One of the main purposes that many artists jump into Illustrator is for vectors and illustrations. If you are looking to create a logo or any form of digital artwork Illustrator is your go-to program.


Just as it implies, photos. Although many people use photoshop as a do it all it mainly serves photos and graphics. If you are looking to enhance or edit your photos or create digital photos and paintings, Photoshop calling your name.

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