Project Spotlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters | Heather Hannay Designs
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Project Spotlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Working with numerous non-profit organizations in the past, I know the benefits and rewards you gain from working with such organizations. As I have gotten the chance to experience the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization through one of my best friends as well as my husband, it is an organization that I was eager to work with. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Great Lakes Bay Region was looking for someone to create a new brochure for them to attract new Bigs to the program.

If you are unfamiliar with the organization, a Big through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is a person who volunteers to become a mentor to local youth in their area. It is a very rewarding program and very enlightening to see how excited the children get around their Bigs. In regards to the project, many children look for Bigs but there is often a short supply of adults volunteering for the program.

The brochure design originally was very text heavy and they wished to focus on an attention-grabbing design with more image based aspects.

“Less is more”


The design focuses on bright lively colors that draws readers into the piece. The brochure gives visual stimulation while providing pertinent details about the program.


As I work on a lot of print items on the regular it was enjoyable to do something that was in my norm but a different context. The lively energy of the organization was easy to channel through the piece.

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